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Wooden helm seat

New product!
Wooden helm seat

Another new product added to our range, this time a wooden helm seat. An unusual product that is used on the bridge of sea-going vessels.

Each helmsman sits high and dry on this helmsman's seat, giving him a good overview of the water. If you want to know more about this wooden helm seat, view it now in our shop. View wooden helm seat!


Desmi pumps

New product!
Desmi pumps

Desmi pumps, the new series of pumps in our range. Desmi NSA pumps are self-priming centrifugal pumps for commercial shipping where they are used as a deck wash pump or bilge pump. The pump is available with a pump housing of both cast iron and bronze. Meet all requirements and can be delivered with certificate. Suitable for clean and contaminated liquids (with coarser components), such as water, seawater, gas oil, etc.


Shipping Center on Facebook


The Scheepvaartcenter Facebook page has recently gone online and is open to visitors, comments and likes. Shipping related topics will be featured on this new social media page. Beautiful photos, stories, information, products and news items will be posted. Visitors can comment on photos or stories and can β€œLike” the page. πŸ˜‰

Visit our facebook page! Shipping Center Facebook page


Catalog Online

Today (12-10-2018) we have put the catalog with all shipping products that we offer online. Now it is possible to download the catalog and, if desired, pages can be printed to printer or PDF program. The PDF catalog contains clickable links to our website and to e-mail contact if you have any questions. The catalog can be found above the menu on the left side of the website. Download it now and save it for later.


Shock absorbing seats

New product!
Shock absorbing seat

Scotseats shock-absorbing seats have recently been added to our range. Specially developed for and tested on high-speed craft that often operate in the toughest conditions. For example, the tests have shown that a clearance of 150 mm is sufficient for shock-absorbing seats in high-speed craft.

The right amount of space is important because too little room to move will cause the seat to have insufficient suspension, and too much room to move the driver or co-pilot will not be able to sit stable and passengers could get seasick.

The seats are on a CNC-machined Shock Mitigation mechanism made of seaworthy aluminum and have air-suspended shock absorbers. 150mm movement, height and weight adjustment are standard features of the Scotseat S2. More information: Shock absorbing seats.


Technical failure

Due to a malfunction in our system, customers received an order confirmation in week 39 of a previously placed order. This message is wrongly sent! If you have received such an e-mail message, you can remove and you do not need to take any further action.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

Stickers and Signs – Product update!

stickers and signsAt the beginning of September 2018, our range of stickers has been expanded considerably. Shipping stickers and signage in other languages have been added. Due to this expansion, we have also adapted our menu and divided it into languages (German, Dutch, French and English).

In addition to stickers with text in different languages, there are also many stickers with only symbols. These stickers with symbols also indicate that something is prohibited or mandatory. In addition to mandatory and prohibition symbols, there are also symbols that warn of possible danger. The offered stickers are not only suitable for shipping, the stickers and signs are also suitable for construction and industry.