Ship supply

As a supplier of shipping products for inland shipping and maritime shipping, we are happy to be of service. We supply more than 6,500 products for marine use through our online shipping store. In addition to shipping supplies for commercial shipping, our range also includes sufficient products that can be used outside shipping. We keep as many products in stock as possible so that your order can be shipped quickly. Moreover, you can always contact us for questions or advice. Thanks to the technical knowledge and experience of our team, it is possible to operate in a service-oriented manner.


Submersible pumps (75)

Booster pumps (16)

Hand & Barrel Pumps (50)

Motor pumps (10)

Clean liquid pumps (41)

Pumps holding tank (13)

Pumps with free shaft end (28)

Deck wash and wastewater pumps (79)

Diaphragm pumps on Air (5)

Piston pumps (5)

SPECK Spare Parts

Speck PM10, PM15 and PM20

When a pump has been in service for years, certain parts can wear out. For choosing the right parts there is a drawing on which the spare parts are shown and have a number, these Numbers correspond to the Part no. in the list that you can download below.

When opening the pump, check carefully whether the gaskets are still good, now that the pump is open, any worn or broken gaskets can be replaced.

Speck Pumps

Loopplanken & Loopbruggen

  • According to requirements ES-TRIN (13.02/3d)
  • Floating lightweight aluminum gangway
  • Special openwork ANTISLIP profile grille
  • Removable scepter pots and rope attachment
  • Removable but secured stanchions

Need a Gangway?

View our Coastal Navigation Walkways
Scepters – Anti-slip – Orkava PE4 – Wheels

loopbrug kustvaart

Includes Certificate!

Also for passenger ships, provided with
Stainless steel railing with tensioned fall protection

passenger walkway
  • passenger walkway EN 526
  • Relevant data on rating plate
  • European standard for gangways up to 8 meters
  • For regular inland shipping, not passenger shipping
  • Type approval, calculation and material specification


DHR navigation lights

DHR35 (16)

DHR40 (3)

DHR55 (14)

DHR60 (2)

DHR70 (8)

DHR80 (2)


Oil Spill Response Kit

From portable bag to SOPEP response boxes filled with the necessary absorption materials such as mats, cushions and hoses, and personal protection such as gloves and/or dust masks. Includes waste bags and user manual. Effective in the event of calamities on board and on the quay. SOPEP (ship Oil pollution Emerger plan)