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Pressurized water pump

Booster pumps

Dirty water pump

Dirty water pumps

Motor pump

Motor pumps

Clean fluid pump

Pumping clean liquid

Pumps with free shaft

Pumps with free shaft end

Submersible pump

Submersible pumps

Piston pump

Piston pumps

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Diaphragm pumps

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SPECK - Pump parts

Parts for models PM10 – PM15 – PM20. Locate a part via numbered parts drawing for your Speck pump. Numbers correspond to “Part No.” indicated in the list, download drawing with list on the Speck parts page.

Speck pump parts
Tailor-made pumps

Pump accessories

Additional products for your pump including level control, pressure gauge, filter and Hadex drinking water disinfectant.


Hadex drinking water disinfection


Airmec compressor

Hydrophore kettle

Hydrophore kettle

Level switch

Level switch Reka 2000

Pressure switch

Condor pressure switch

Pressure gauge

Tubular spring pressure gauge

Rescue equipment - Safety First

Buoy Line Holder

Buoy Line Holder

Lifebuoy light

Lifebuoy light Daniamant

Lifebuoy locker

Lifebuoy lockers





Besto Harbor 300N



Besto Automatic inland shipping 165N



Besto Auto Offshore 300N
Baltic lifejackets



Baltic Legend MED SOLAS 305 Harness



Baltic Legend 305 Lifejacket

Legend + Armor


Baltic Legend 305 Harness

Norsap helm seat - No Doubts!

Norsap 800

NorSap 800

Norsap 1000

NorSap 1000

Norsap 1100

NorSap 1100

Norsap 1500

NorSap 1500

Norsap 1600

NorSap 1600

Norsap 1700

NorSap 1700

Navigation lights - Visibility is safety

Sector lantern

Top light

Top light MCD10

Shining all around

DHR70N translucent grn

Anchor light

Anchor lantern MCD75

Lighthouse anchor lantern

Lighthouse anchor lantern with photocell - Flashing light

Steering light

DHR35 steering light (Side mount)

Duplex sector lantern

DHR70N Sector Lantern Red Duplex

Solar navigation lights

MCD21 Solar navigation light set

Fenders - Prevent damage to ship

Distance Fender HD

Distance fender HD

Ball Fenders


Rub-wood Open - Plastic

Fender plastic open

Heavy Duty Fenders

Heavy Duty Fenders

Rub-wood Closed - Plastic

Fender plastic closed

Mega Fenders

Mega Fenders

Rub-wood - Wood

Fender wood

Rope ladders - Up to 12 meters

Jacob's ladder

Jacob's ladder

Pilot ladder

Pilot ladder

Escape ladder

Escape ladder

Oil Spill Kits - Cleaning up and disposal

Spill Kit 30 ltr

Oil spill drum 30 ltr

Spill Kit 60 ltr

Oil spill drum 60 ltr

Spill Kit 170 ltr

Oil spill kit 170 ltr

SOPEP Spill Kit 1100 ltr

Sopep oil spill kit 1100 ltr

SOPEP Spill Kit 1900 ltr

Sopep oil spill kit 1900 ltr

Absorption material - Oil and Chemicals

Sweep for oil

Sweep for oil

Hoses for oil

Hoses for oil

Rolls for oil

Rolls for oil

Rollers for chemicals

Absorption rollers for chemicals

Matting for chemicals

Chemical Absorption Mats

Lubrication - Aerosols from ZETTEX

Silicone Spray

silicone spray


multi oil

Tapping Gel

tapping gel

Multi Spray


Chain Gel


PTFE Grease

PTFE grease
Signs and Stickers

Signs and Stickers

Signs and Stickers in different languages, with which you clearly indicate which liquid is in a pipe or where the emergency exit is.

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Hardware such as shackles, steel wire clamps and wire sheaves. Hoisting hook, pointed stocking, turnbuckle and other hardware are also offered.

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Lubrication equipment

Lubrication equipment

Equipment for lubricating and greasing, grease gun, grease press, grease gun and a wide choice of grease nipples. View all lubrication equipment in this category.

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Oil and Tar

Oil and Tar

For maintenance we supply various oil and tar products, eco coal tar, anti rust oil, spindle oil, brown tar and similar products.

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Rope bunches for shipping in different constructions, materials and diameters. Full trusses, short lengths with post eyes and hand tools.

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Sound Signals

Sound Signals

Ship bells and air horns for shipping in various designs. You will also find signal horn, fog horn and compressor on this page.

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Signal figures

Signal figures

Signal figures for safety and overview on the water. Signal window, signal ball and other signal figures made of tarpaulin, plastic or aluminum.

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Extinguishing agents

Extinguishing agents

For fighting fires, we supply both fire extinguishers and other fire fighting products such as fire axes, fire blankets, etc.

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Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents

Cleaning agents for shipping and industry. Powerful ship cleaner, delicious ship hold freshener and many other cleaning products.

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Searchlights for inland shipping, coastal shipping and fishing. Remote control or a lamp with manual control. Visit the page for more product information.

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Container stackers

Container stackers

Container stackers for quay or ship. We supply 3 commonly used stackers, Single, Terminal and Twist Lock. See product details on the page.

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Flame resistance

Flame-resistant grilles

Flame-retardant gratings with internal thread, external thread and with different passage diameters. Available with and without certificate (ATEX).

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Gangways of aluminum up to 8 meters for regular inland shipping. Made according to requirements EN526 or according to requirements ES-TRIN.

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Hose couplings

Hose couplings

Connecting and coupling the hose by means of various links. Storz couplings, clamping shells and items such as filling pipe and nozzle can be found here.

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