Ship Supply

As a supplier of shipping articles for inland and sea shipping, we are happy to be of service. In addition to ship supplies for commercial shipping, we also supply sufficient products for purposes other than shipping. In addition, you can always contact us for questions or advice.

Signs & Stickers (168)

Signs and Stickers in different languages. Make it clear with stickers which liquid is in a pipe, where the emergency exit is or which instructions must be followed. This way you make it safer and people are well informed.

Rescue equipment (85)

You can sail safely with life-saving equipment. Therefore, always make sure you are well prepared with a lifebuoy, throwline, lifejacket or other buoyancy aids and accessories that may be needed during the trip.

Signal figures (12)

Signal figures also provide safety and an overview on the water. Available for different situations and made from different materials. Signal window, fishing cone, anchor buoy or radar reflector


Get to know our very extensive range of pumps for shipping and industry. The categories listed below are just a few examples of what we have to offer. Click on the button to view all pumps.

Submersible pumps (75)

Booster pumps (16)

Hand & Barrel Pumps (50)

Pumps holding tank (13)

Motor pumps (10)

SPECK Spare Parts

Speck pm10-15-20

Speck PM10, PM15 and PM20

When a pump has been in service for years, certain parts can wear out. For parts selection, there is a drawing showing the spare parts and having a number, these numbers correspond to the Part No. in the list that you can download below. Numbers correspond to the Part no. in the list that you can download below.

When opening the pump, check carefully whether the gaskets are still good, now that the pump is open, any worn or broken gaskets can be replaced.

Speck Pumps

Pump accessories (49)

You can also order accessories for the pump such as pressure switch, filter cartridge and manometer online at Scheepvaartcenter. As well as a hydrophore boiler, compressor or drinking water disinfection from Hadex.

Hoses (16)

Wide choice of hose for liquids and air. For example, you can choose from different versions of deck wash hose. We also supply fuel hose, drinking water hose and fire hoses with coupling.

Hose couplings (23)

We offer various couplings for connecting or connecting hoses. Geka connectors, Storz coupling and clamping shells. Furthermore, products such as filling pipe, tapping gun and nipples are offered on the page.



DHR35 (16)

DHR40 (3)

DHR55 (14)

DHR60 (2)

DHR70 (8)

DHR80 (2)

Sound Signals (32)

Various ship bells and air horns for shipping. Look here if you are looking for a fog horn, signal horn or a good compressor.

Helmsman's seats (100)

In addition to our low-priced helm seats, we also offer seats from brands such as Norsap and Recaro. See also accessories such as chassis, footrest, etc.

Flags (88)

In addition to our ship flags, you can also view the country flags and provincial flags here, which are available in many different sizes.

Gangways & Walkways

  • According to requirements ES-TRIN (13.02/3d)
  • Floating lightweight aluminum gangway
  • Special openwork ANTISLIP profile grille
  • Removable scepter pots and rope attachment
  • Removable but secured stanchions

View our Coastal Navigation Walkways
Scepters – Anti-slip – Orkava PE4 – Wheels

footbridge coastal shipping

Includes Certificate!

Also for passenger ships, provided with
Stainless steel railing with tensioned fall protection

passenger walkway
  • passenger walkway EN 526
  • Relevant data on rating plate
  • European standard for gangways up to 8 meters
  • For regular inland shipping, not passenger shipping
  • Type approval, calculation and material specification

Overalls (10)

From standard zip and button coveralls to special work coveralls that are flame retardant, antistatic or chemical resistant.

Ladders & Stairs (22)

Here you will find rope ladders as an escape ladder or pilot ladder and accessories. You can also find the hold ladders and aluminum outboard stairs on this page.

Rope (37)

We supply different types of rope for shipping, including rope with eyelets. In addition to rope, also products such as casting weight, lifeline, split pin, etc.

Lubricate equipment (25)

Equipment for lubrication and greasing including grease gun, grease press and grease gun and a wide choice of grease nipples. Visit the page for more related products.

Lubricants (17)

Maintain and preserve with oil and fat. Check out the lubricants such as propeller shaft grease, copper grease and Vaseline as well as penetrating oil, WD-40, grease cartridges and silicone spray.

Oil & Tar (6)

For other maintenance, we supply oil and tar products such as eco coal tar, anti-rust oil and brown tar. Fish oil and spindle oil are also offered on the page.

Chain (6)

Stainless steel and galvanized chain for various purposes. Chains available in short and long link version. See also brass chain and PVC marking chain.

Hardware (40)

Under hardware you will find, among other things, shackles, steel wire clamps, and wire discs. In addition, lifting hook, point stocking, turnbuckle, eye bolt and other items are also offered.

Stainless steel 316 (25)

Stainless steel products for shipping. Welding bollard, rope guide, rope pot, stair step and other items with weld-ready finish. ADN frame, brake band and boat support ready for use.

Did you not find what you were looking for? - There is more!

Extinguishing agents (43)

Fenders (11)

Truss buckets (7)

Tools (157)

Winches (15)

Container stackers (3)

Adhesive tapes (18)

Sight glass fittings (18)

Funnels & Buckets (36)

Cleaning rags (4)

Paint products (14)

Stove & Acc. (18)

Sweepers (17)

Wipers (7)

Valves (15)

Gardena (26)

Eye protection (19)

Deck caps & Flame grates (12)